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PP-Polypropylene-Coating-for- steel-pipe-fittings-DIN-30678

PP-Polypropylene-Coating-for- steel-pipe-fittings-DIN-30678 Due to the nature of the anti-corrosion coating (especially high temperature resistance) has new requirements, double-layer FBE coating-Layer technology and 3PP (3-layer structure polypropylene) anti-corrosion coating technology started Used for anticorrosion of petroleum pipelines, and mainly used for high temperature anticorrosion coating Layer and the effect is obvious. 3PP and 3PE anti-corrosion coatings.

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AWWA C213 FBE COAT AND LINING PIPE FITTING AWWA C213, Fusion‐Bonded Epoxy Coatings and Linings for Steel Water Pipe and Fitting HONGCHENG/HUITONG supplied series Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings pipe fittings for ARAMCO project since 2020. it is with urgent demands for site requirements, due to covid19 spread control, all our workers quanrantee at factory one

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What’s Pipe cap?

Pipe caps, also known as heads, plugs, caps and bulkheads, are welded to the pipe end or mounted on the external threads of the pipe end to cover the pipe fittings that block the pipe. It is used to close the pipeline and has the same function as the pipe block. The form of the

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ASME-SA-178-SA-179-BEND-HEAT-EXCHANGER FOR ARAMCO We shipped 300pcs J bends for HEAT-EXCHANGER-ARAMCO project, the material is from vallourec tianda, which is extra buying requirements since ARAMCO monthly purcahse ASME SA179,A213 T22 tube from us for their on going project. A/SA 179 Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tubes Chemical Composition Element A/SA 179 C 0.06-0.18 Mn 0.27-0.63 P ≤0.035

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Reducing Flanges

Reducing Flanges Reducing flanges are a specialty flange that are most often used on projects that require the fitting together of different sized pipes A reducing flange consists of a flange with one specified diameter having a bore of a different and smaller, diameter. Except for the bore and hub dimensions, the flange will have

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