5005 - Alloyed with .8% magnesium. Excellent workability, weldability and corrosion resistance Tensile strength range 18,000 to 30,000 psi .

Principal Design Features
This is a non-heat treatable alloy of Aluminium with magnesium content. Cold working will strengthen (harden) the alloy and it is very good in both corrosion resistance and weldability.

Commonly used in the manufacture of appliances, small boats, gas lines, refrigerator panels, and utensils. 5005 is also used in architectural components, and as an electrical conductor. Especially useful where excessive finishing costs are encountered in the use of 3003 alloys due to surface roughness upon drawing.

The machinability is generally poor, especially in the soft temper conditions. However it can be machined, but with more difficulty than many of the Aluminium alloys. Machining in the harder tempers, such as H34, H38, is better than in the soft temper condition.


Formability by all of the conventional methods is excellent, especially in the softer tempers.

This alloy is noted for excellent welding characteristics by all of the commercial methods. Filler metal of the same alloy should be used. Welding by resistance technique of the O (or annealed) temper material may require some trial and error determination of the best technique.

Heat Treatment
This alloy does not respond to heat treatment, except for annealing to relieve cold working strain. See "Annealing".

No data. However the alloy is forgeable. Consult the alloy supplier for working range temperatures.

Hot Working
This alloy has excellent cold working characteristics such that hot working should not normally be necessary. However it may be hot worked in the temperature range of 700 to 400 F.

Cold Working
Excellent cold working conditions, even in the harder tempers. In the soft temper condition sheet product may be bent to radii of zero to 1/2 thickness on material up to 1/8" thick -- over 1/8" bend radii of 1 to 2 T are possible.

Annealing, if required, may be done at 650 F followed by air cooling.

Only cold working will cause hardening (strengthening) of this alloy as it does not harden by heat treatment.

Other Mechanical Props
Shear strength for AL 5005 is form 11 ksi for annealed material to 16 ksi for cold worked condition.

Chemical Composition
Chromium0.1 max
Copper0.2 max
Iron0.7 max
Magnesium0.5 - 1.1
Manganese0.2 max
Remainder Each0.05 max
Remainder Total0.15 max
Silicon0.4 max
Zinc0.25 max
Physical Properties
Density (lb / cu. in.)0.098
Specific Gravity (kg/m³)2.7
Melting Point (Deg F)1180
Modulus of Elasticity Tension10