Since 1992, ASME has been defining piping safety. our factory have experienced several editiom of ASME B16.5, like ASME B16.5-1973, ASME B16.5-1996,ASME B16.5-2003,ASME B16.5-2017 , now the latest edition of ASME B16.5 is ASME B16.5-2020 which released on the 2021. ASME B16.5 2020.pdf is the Revision of ASME B16.5-2017 . and in matrerial content also have some updates.
such as dded A182 Gr. N08020 and A240 Gr. N08020 to Material Group 3.1, A182 Gr. N08800 and A240 Gr. N08800 to Material Group 3.6, and A182 Gr. N08810 and A240 Gr. N08810 to Material Group 3.15 (11–540)

Attached part of ASME B16.5 2020.pdf and comparasion of ASME B16.5 2017.pdf




Following approval by the ASME B16 Standards Committee and ASME, and after public review, ASME B16.5-2020 was approved by the American National Standards Institute on January 5, 2021.
In ASME B16.5-2020, the U.S. Customary tables formerly in Mandatory Appendix II have been relocated to the main text and redesignated with a "C" suffix, and U.S. Customary figures have been merged with SI figures. Former Mandatory Appendix II has been deleted, and the subsequent appendix redesignated. In addition, this edition includes the following changes identified by a margin note, (20). The Record Numbers listed below are explained in more detail in the "List of Changes in Record Number Order" following this Summary of Changes.



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ASME B16.5:2020 question and answers

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