ASME B31.9 Building Services Piping applies to the following building services:

  • Condensing water
  • Water for heating and cooling
  • Steam and condensate
  • Vacuum
  • Compressed air and nontoxic nonflammable gases

The working pressure and temperature limits of B31.9 can be summarized to:

ServiceTemperature LimitsPressure Limit
Steam and condensatemaximum 366oF (186oC),
minimum 0oF (-18oC)
150 psig (1000 kPa)
Air, gases and vaporsmaximum 200oF (93oC),
minimum 0oF (-18oC)
150 psig (1000 kPa)
Nonflammable Liquidsmaximum 250oF (121oC),
minimum 0oF (-18oC)
350 psig (2300 kPa)


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