ASTM G48 corrosion test for duplex 

we are processing ASTM G48 corrosion test for duplex 31803,32750 customer.
this is very strict and reach ASTM G48 test takes 72 hours, after the Corrosion pitting test TUV will
release inspection report,
Below are STM G48 corrosion test  step
试验步骤 Test step:
1.制备试验试片 Prepare test specimen

2. 称取试片重量,精确到 weigh specimen accuracy is 0.001g

3. 称取 100g 三氯化铁试剂(FeCL3·6H2O)溶入 900ml 蒸馏水中
Mix solution with 100g (FeCL3·6H2O)and 900ml distilled water

4. 将溶液倒入带有玻璃支架的烧杯,再放入恒温水浴锅中,将温度调至 22±2℃
Put solution into Electric-heated thermostatic water bath, keep 22±2℃ 24hours

5. 温度达到后将试片缓缓的放入到玻璃支架上,开始计时
Start timer when temperature reach 22±2℃
6. 24 小时后将试样从溶液中取出,用水清洗,用软棕毛刷在自来水下将腐蚀物去除,浸入丙酮或酒精中,
风干 Remove the specimens by rinse water and scrub by nylon bristle ,Dip in acetone or methano
and air dry after24 hour
7. 称取重量 Weight after test
8. 计算腐蚀率 Calculate corrosion lost rate

Notes: -
1. This Data Sheet shall be completely filled by Manufacturer / Principal in Vendor response column,
stamped and signed for acceptance. Quotation without this data sheet shall not be acceptable.
2. Material requirement shall comply with the “Piping Material Narratives” (BST-GEN-PIP-SPC-
3. The following requirements of 22Cr DSS material shall be met:
 PREN is minimum 34
 Nitrogen content is minimum 0.14% Corrosion pitting test in accordance of ASTM G48,
method A at 25 °C
 Application of DSS is limited to -50 °C and 40 mm maximum thickness
4. Bevelled ends shall be in accordance to ASME B16.25, Fig-2(a) for pipe wall thickness from up
to 22mm and Fig-3(a) for pipe wall thickness over 22mm.
5. Marking shall include nominal pipe size (DN), schedule number or wall thickness, charge number
(heat number) and, where applicable, the heat treatment batch number. Marking shall comply
with all requirements of ASTM A815.
6. If sour service is specified, marking shall also include the identification “SOUR” behind the
ASTM designation
7. Prior to dispatch/shipment all Fittings shall be supplied with Bevelled ends. All Fittings shall be
protected against damage by plastics caps/ wooden shields face protectors and bevelled ends to
be protected by bevel protectors and shall be suitable to prevent damage during transportation.
The packing shall be sturdy, as transportation has to be in desert environment on graded roads.
8. Vendor shall submit along with quotation the reference list of past supplies to OOCEP or other
international oil producing companies for similar Fittings to get confidence about the product.
9. Sour Service Requirements:-
 All materials specified for sour service shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of
NACE ISO 15156,edition/addenda as on 23rd January 2018
 Duplex Stainless Steel material maximum hardness 29HRC (290 HV10).