Dimensions weight Elbow 45 EN 10241

EN 10241:2000 Steel threaded pipe fittings

All dimensions are in "mm" and All weights are in "kg" unless noted otherwise specified.

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Download the BS EN 10241 PDF file: BS EN 10241 Steel threaded pipe fittings



Nominal size
Centre to face

1) The outside diameter is a minimum for all fittings except equal sizes of socket and half socket. The minimum outside diameters of equal sizes of socket and half socket are given in Tables 11 and 12.
2) are minimum and maximum diameters for tubulars in Tables 21 to 24; for other fittings only the minimum is applicable.
3) The value is not applicable to bushes described in Table 15.
4) Wall thickness tolerances for tubulars shall be:
no limit in plus;
12 5 % minus.


1. Scope

European Standard EN 10241 specifies requirements for screw threaded fittings of nominal sizes from DN 6 to DN 150 inclusive,made out of welded steel or seamless steel tubes,forging and rolled bars.It is applicable to those screw threaded steel pipe fittings used in the transportation and distribution of liquid or gas.

2.Normative references

This European Standard incorporates by dated or undated reference,provisions from other publications.These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter.For dated references,subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporate in it by amendments or revision.For undated references,the latest edition of the publication referred to applies (including amendmens).

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