At the recently held Muscat Oil and Gas Exhibition Oman 2024 (OPES), our company exemplified its significant prowess and broad influence across the industry. This event proved instrumental in not only fortifying relationships with our established clientele but also in drawing the interest of a substantial new customer base, thereby opening doors to novel prospects within the oil and gas sector.

c&n at OPES

         Throughout the duration of the exhibition, our adept team entered into comprehensive conversations with several of our long-time partners, delving into current industry trends and proposed solutions, reflecting on our joint ventures' successes, and deliberating on the pathways for future collaborations. In parallel, our standout offerings managed to garner the curiosity of a vast array of potential clients. These prospects demonstrated a vibrant enthusiasm for our technologies and solutions, leading to plans for future meetings to discuss the potential for deeper cooperation.
        On the 8th of May, PDO made an official visit to our manufacturing site, HEBEI HONGCHENG PIPE FITTINGS LIMITED, undergoing a detailed assessment of our operational capacities and engaging in substantial technical dialogues with our experts. Following a thorough review and interaction, PDO commended our establishment’s standards, from the work environment and manufacturing procedures to technological prowess and product quality, underscoring a strong belief in our continued collaboration.
Moreover, through our affiliates C&N and HUITONG, we facilitated profound discussions and engagements with clients, unveiling our joint initiatives with entities like OQ, OOEP, and PDO. This initiative was not just a display of our company's robust competencies but also a step towards reinforcing our commercial ties with our clientele.