Alloys Grade
Typical Applications
Inconel 600Nickel-chromium alloy with good
oxidation resistance to 2000°F.
Resists stress corrosion cracking.
Thermocouple sheathes, furnace
muffles, heat exchanger

Inconel 625Nickel-chromium alloy with strength and
oxidation resistance to 2000°F.
Rocket thrust chambers, spray bars, heat exchangers

Inconel 718Age-hardenable, nickel-chromium alloy
with high strength to 1300°F.
Heat exchangers, O-rings

Inconel X-750Age-hardenable, nickel-chromium alloy with
good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
Useful strength to 1800°F.
Rocket engine heat exchangers,
thermocouple sheaths


188Cobalt base alloy with good high temperature strength to 1800°F. And oxidation resistance to 2100°FGas turbine applications, spray bars

Hastelloy C-22Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing environments.Chemical transport tubes, heat exchangers

Hastelloy C-276Nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy resistant to oxidizing and reducing media to 2000°FChemical processing equipment

Hastelloy XNickel-cromium-molybdenum-iron alloy with outstanding creep-rupture properties to 1600°F.
And useful strength to 2150°F.
Spray bars, heaters

L-605Cobalt-cromium-tungsten-nickel alloy with excellent strength and good oxidation resistance to 1800°F.Jet engine parts, spray bars, thermocouple sheaths

902Age hardenable iron-nickel alloy with good corrosion resistance. High strength with low hysteresis in mechanical applications.Bourdon springs

Alloy K-500Age hardenable nickel-copper alloy
with excellent corrosion resistance.
Bourdon springs, pump sleeves and bushings

31025% chromium, 20% nickel-stainless steel with good strength to 1900°F.Furnace muffles, thermocouple sheaths

A-286 630A heat-treatable stainless steel with good strength and oxidation resistance to 1200°F.Jet engine combustion tubes,
cryogenic applications

446High-cromium stainless steel which resists
scaling to 2100°F.
Furnace muffles, chemical equipment,
capillary tubing

230Nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy with excellent strength and oxidation resistance to 2100°F.Furnace muffles, strand annealing
tubes, thermocouple sheaths

556Iron-nickel-cromium-cobalt alloy resistant to sulfidizing, carburizing and chlorine environments at high temperatures.Waste heat recuperators, chemical waste incinerators

IN 102Nickel-chromium alloy with good elevated temperature strength and oxidation resistance.Spay bars


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