Depending on the operating conditions, the requirements of high temperature stainless steel may be as follows:

· High creep strength (and ductility)
· Stability of internal microstructure
· High oxidation resistance and HT corrosion
· Good resistance to erosion-corrosion

Mainly grade include: N04400, N06600, N06601, N06617, N06625, N06690, N08800, N08810, N08811, N08825, N08020, N08367, N08028, N06985, N06022, N10276. All materials selection must be determined by the application and operating conditions in each individual case. Stainless steel offer a number of special high temperature stainless steel.

Besides the common Austenitic High Temperature Alloys above (i.e., 1.4948, 1.4878,1.4828, 1.4833, and 1.4845), there are three proprietary Stainless steel alloys:  153 MA, 253 MA, and 353 MA.

These three alloys are based on the same concept:
Improved oxidation resistance by an increased silicon content and addition of very small quantities of rare earth metals (micro-alloying  => MA). Enhanced creep strength due to increased contents of nitrogen (and carbon for 253 MA).

In many cases, the properties of these steel have proved to be equivalent or even superior to those of grade with higher content of alloying element. 153 MA is normally intended for use at somewhat lower service temperature than the other two grade.

Austenitic High Temperture Grades

Steel GradeC%N%Cr%Ni%Si%OtherENASTM
153 MA0.050.1518.59.51.3REM1.4818S30415
253 MA0.090.1721111.7REM1.4835S30815
353 MA0.050.1525351.5REM1.4854S35315

Ferritic High Temparature Grades

Steel GradeC%Mn%Cr%Si%Al%EN
Heat Treating Stainless Steel Heat treatment

Heat Treating Stainless Steel Heat treatment

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