We are specialized in producing SSAW (Spiral Submerged Arc welded) pipes. up to 100in can be produce and inspection according to API 5L PSL2 level.

FBE Layer
The FBE shall be applied to a minimum thickness of 200 microns and a maximum of 300 microns. The pipe shall be uniformly preheated in accordance with the FBE manufacturer’s instructions. This temperature shall have been confirmed during PQT. The surface temperature shall not exceed 260 °C in accordance with AWWA C213, section “ Preheating”. Pipe temperature shall be checked periodically using a recording pyrometer. The pyrometer shall be checked for error not less than every four hours against a calibrated temperature-measuring instrument. The coating shall be applied by electrostatic spray with the pipe at earth potential and the epoxy powder charged to high potential. The use of reclaimed FBE powder is only permitted if the reclaimed powder is screened to remove foreign or deleterious material before being reintroduced into the powder application system. The clean reclaimed powder up to a maximum of 20% shall be introduced back into the fresh virgin material by means of proportional weight. During application, the beveled ends and pipe bore shall be protected against mechanical damage and from contamination with coating material.

Adhesive Layer
The adhesive shall be applied to a thickness of 150 to 250 microns. The adhesive layer shall be applied before gel time of the FBE has expired. Application of the adhesive shall not be permitted after the FBE has fully cured. The Pipe Coating Contractor shall establish to the satisfaction of the Engineer that the adhesive is applied within the gel time window of the FBE and at the temperature recommended by the adhesive manufacturer. The Pipe Coating Contractor shall state the proposed minimum and maximum time interval between FBE and adhesive applications at the proposed pre-heat temperature.

Polyethylene Layer
The polyethylene layer shall be applied to a minimum thickness of 3.5 mm over the pipe body and to a minimum of 3.25 mm over the production welds for pipe diameters greater than 500 mm and to a minimum thickness of 3.0 mm over the pipe body and to a minimum of 2.75 mm over the production welds for pipe diameters less than 500 mm. The polyethylene shall be applied over the adhesive within the time limits established during pre-production testing.
The coating shall be cooled to below 60°C before handling. Immediately after the coating is fully cured, pipe identification marks shall be re-applied to the coated pipe using a method approved by the Engineer.

Cut back of Coating
A length of 120 mm +10/-0 mm from the pipe end shall be free from any coating material. A polyethylene layer cut back of 150 mm (+10/-10 mm) shall be provided at pipe
ends. The total coating system shall be applied to the following minimum thickness


The thickness of the cooled polyethylene coating system shall be checked using Engineer approved equipment in accordance with the requirements of DIN 30670. Film thickness shall be measured by use of an electronic thickness gauge. Calibration of this gauge shall be rechecked every 2 hours. The Pipe Coating Contractor’s proposed thickness gauge type, manufacturer and model shall be submitted to the Engineer for review and approval. At least 3 of the measured points per pipe length shall be on the welds. Any individual reading less than the values above shall be cause for the coated pipe length concerned to be quarantined. The pipe shall be held for further review by the Engineer.