Al-Sharqiyah Water Transmission System Reinforcement Project - METenders


We very much  appreciate the opportunity to be a part in Al-Sharqiyah Water Transmission System as a trusted pipe supplier.

This project is at Oman. The project is about Reinforcement of a Al-Sharqiyah Water Transmission System. This incorporates the laying of a principle pipeline with a length of around 145 km and distances across running somewhere in the range of 1000 and 1400 mm, and optional pipelines with an absolute length of about 5.5 km and a measurement of around 600 mm, just as the expanding of the limit of the current Al Kamil water siphoning station to around 1070 m3/hour and the development of 8 new water siphoning stations with limits going between around 840 m3/hour and 3580 m3/hour each.