(1) Without the tube as raw materials,saving pipe equipment and tooling costs,and get arbitrarily large diameter and wall thickness of the relatively thin elbow bend.
(2) Blank or developable surface is flat, so simple cutting,easy to ensure accuracy, easy assembly and welding.
(3) Due to the above two reasons,you can shorten the manufacturing cycle,the production cost is greatly reduced.Because it does not require any special equipment, especially for on-site processing of large elbow bend.This technology has been applied for patent.

factory made steel elbows

C&N Group made steel elbows & hot induction bends can be applied in different fields and range.They can be applied in the oil,gas,chemicals,utilities, construction and boiler piping system industries.Stainless steel elbow & bends play an important value and contribution in the industry.It help different users to produce good performance and features.