C&N Group is excited to share news of a recent collaboration with a valued customer in KSA, resulting in an order for a selection of DIN 2527 BL FF BSP PN16 and DIN 2573 PN6 ASTM A182 F316L weld neck flanges, available in two sizes: 2 inches and 10 inches.
Positioned at the forefront of the industry, C&N is committed to delivering top-notch products designed to satisfy the varied demands of its customers. A closer look at the special features of these flanges reveals:

click to preview the pdf file :ASTM A182 Standard Specification

BL (Blind) Flanges:
Primarily designed to seal the ends of piping systems, BL flanges resemble a round plate with bolt holes but without a center hole. These flanges come in a variety of sizes and materials and ensure a secure closure at the ends of pipes, valves, or equipment nozzles. BL flanges facilitate maintenance access to lines after sealing. They can also be specifically tailored or machined for a reduction fit, either through threading or welding.


SO (Slip-On) Flanges:
Offering straightforward installation, SO flanges are designed to slide over pipe ends, making them a quick and simple solution.
These flanges represent an economical choice for pipe connection due to their uncomplicated design, making them suitable for a variety of projects.
Given their design, SO flanges are more suited to applications with lower pressure ratings.


WN (Weld Neck) Flanges:
Known for their durability and support, WN flanges feature a neck extension that reinforces the connection for greater joint stability.
These flanges excel in high-pressure conditions thanks to their welded connection, ensuring optimal performance even under varying pressure and temperature.
The precision of the weld neck guarantees perfect alignment with the pipe, effectively reducing the chances of misalignment and leaks.


Flange Sealing Surfaces:
The sealing surface of a flange is essential for maintaining leak-proof connections. The main types include:


Flat Face (FF): Ideal for less demanding pressure conditions, FF flanges have a smooth, flat surface.
Raised Face (RF): RF flanges have an elevated ring around the bore, enhancing alignment and seal efficiency.
Ring Type Joint (RTJ): With a metal ring gasket, RTJ flanges are engineered for the most extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
No matter the requirement, be it slip-on or weld neck flanges, C&N has the knowledge and capability to provide unparalleled flange solutions. Reach out to us to upgrade your pipeline with our exceptional flange offerings.