Duplex dss pipe, flange, fitting four SOUR service which have special PREN and pitting corrosion testing requirements.

we produced series of duplex sour service pipe, duplex sour service elbow, duplex sour service tee, and weldolet for OMAN

oil company, all these high PREN duplex material pass customer ASTM G48 testing requirements.

1 .4   Data sheet for DSS pipe, flange, fitting, SMLS, SOUR
Piping ClassRefer Table-1.4
Design Temperature, min-29 deg C
Design Temperature, maxPLUS 90 deg C
Design specASME B16.9
Dimensional spec, pipeASME B36.19M
AngleRefer Table-1.4
TypeRefer Table-1.4
Nominal sizeRefer Table-1.4
Schedule number/ ThicknessRefer Table-1.4
Mat spec, fittingASTM A815 WP-S UNS S31803
Manufacturing processSEAMLESS
Mat requirement, sour serviceNACE MR-01-75/ISO 15156 (Latest)
(Refer Note- 9)
Inspection, certificationAs per Vendor Quality Management Requirement for Fittings and Flanges- SMLS & WELDED (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Duplex Stainless Steel)




Notes: -
1. This Data Sheet shall be completely filled by Manufacturer / Principal in Vendor response column,
stamped and signed for acceptance. Quotation without this data sheet shall not be acceptable.
2. Material requirement shall comply with the “Piping Material Narratives” (BST-GEN-PIP-SPC- WPO-000-00002-00).
3. The following requirements of 22Cr DSS material shall be met:
 PREN is minimum 34
 Nitrogen content is minimum 0.14% Corrosion pitting test in accordance of ASTM G48, method A at 25 °C
 Application of DSS is limited to -50 °C and 40 mm maximum thickness
4. Marking shall include nominal pipe size (DN), schedule number or wall thickness, charge number (heat number) and, where applicable, the heat treatment batch number. Marking shall comply with all requirements of ASTM A815.
5. If sour service is specified, marking shall also include the identification “SOUR” behind the ASTM designation
6. Prior to dispatch/shipment all Fittings shall be supplied with Bevelled ends. All Fittings shall be protected against damage by plastics pipe, flange, fittings/ wooden shields face protectors and bevelled ends to be protected by bevel protectors and shall be suitable to prevent damage during transportation. The packing shall be sturdy, as transportation has to be in desert environment on graded roads.
7. Vendor shall submit along with quotation the reference list of past supplies to OOCEP or other international oil producing companies for similar Fittings to get confidence about the product.
8. Pickling and passivation shall be done in accordance with ASTM A 380.
9. SOUR Service Requirements:-
 All materials specified for sour service shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of NACE ISO 15156,edition/addenda as on 23rd January 2018
 Duplex Stainless Steel material maximum hardness 29HRC (290 HV10)


Marking shall generally be accomplished by either one or a combination of casting-out,forging-out, punching, stenciling, tagging, labeling and taping. Punching or die stamping,if used shall be low stress stamps (dot or round bottomed) with at least 6 mm high. Stenciling color shall be black; however, for piping components whose surfaces are black or dark, it shall be white.
10.1.1 PIPES
Marking on pipes shall be in accordance with the applicable ASTM number. Pipes specified as Sour shall be marked with “SOUR” behind the ASTM
designation. If pipe is specified by wall thickness (instead of by schedule), then the wall Thickness in millimeters shall be included in the marking.
10.1.2 FLANGES
Marking on flanges shall be in accordance with the MSS SP-25, ASME B16.5 / B16.47, applicable ASTM number. Marking shall include the pipe schedule number or nominal thickness in millimeter.
Marking on fittings shall be in accordance with the ASME B16.9, applicable ASTM Number. Fittings specified as Sour shall be marked with “SOUR” behind the ASTM designation. For Branch fittings, marking shall be in accordance with MSS SP-25. For Branch outlet fittings, marking shall be in accordance with MSS SP-97.
10.1.4 GASKETS
Marking on all gaskets shall be as per the requirements mentioned in ASME B16.20
BS 381C color standard shall be used. For piping commodities, which require PMI (Positive Material Identification), Marking and color-coding shall be done only after the successful completion of PMI on the final product. Paint shall be resistant to salt water atmosphere and tropical climate, and be durable
and of a distinctive identifying color. It shall not cause corrosion of the material to which it is applied, neither during storage and construction, nor during operation of the equipment. Paints and markers shall not contain harmful metals or metal salts such as Zinc Aluminum, Lead or Chlorides, sulphur or other halogens that may be harmful to the alloy. Color coding marks shall not obliterate any other markings required by COMPANY General Specifications, International Standards, codes, applicable local laws and regulations.